The Team that Works for You

Our firm has a team of highly credentialed professionals supported by an experienced staff. We strive to provide professional and efficient service in a welcoming and pleasant manner.
Rich Moran, CFP® -  Senior Financial Advisor
Paul Heising, CFP®, MBA – Financial Advisor
Lisa McElravey, CFP® – Financial Advisor
Robert H. Sowder, CFS®, AIF® - Financial Advisor
Your primary financial advisor will be responsible for coordinating your financial planning services. Your primary financial advisor will work with you to identify your goals and implement a series of strategies that will help you pursue your vision of the future.
Jennifer Coodey, Terry Noone, Laura Hepko, Melissa Andrizzi-Sobel and Diane Phippen –
Client Service and Administration
Jennifer, Terry, Laura, Melissa and Diane ensure that our clients receive quality customer service. They will book appointments for you and help you with administrative tasks such as change of address. They are the first people you should call if you have any questions. They will have the appropriate member of our team respond to your question or request.
Other Resources
Because financial situations can become complex, you may have relationships with other professionals. We often work directly with these professionals, or we can assist you in finding suitable professionals to design and implement the strategies to help you pursue your goals. These professionals may include your:
  • Accountant.
  • Attorney.
  • Pension Actuary.
  • Insurance Agent.