Who is Moran, Heising & McElravey, LLC?

Our team consists of four financial planning and Investment Adviser Representatives supported by an administrative staff of four skilled and experienced client service professionals.

We have well defined processes:

  • Planning: Our unique consultative process helps you make informed financial decisions.
  • Investing: Our academically based investment process contains five risk reduction methods, helping you to work towards reaching your goals more confidently and reliably.
  • Coordination: We work with other outside professionals, including your CPA and attorney, to create integrated strategies, not conflicting ones.

We’re relationship driven:

  • We provide personalized service: We limit the number of clients we serve, seeking to ensure a higher level of responsiveness.
  • We listen: We listen to you to understand your concerns, your needs and your situation before any actions are taken.
  • We make it easy: Our focus is to make your life easier and less complicated, saving you time.
  • We have a high referral rate: Our business grows by referral, not by mass-marketing. This gives us time to watch over your affairs instead of looking for our next client.

Our background and resources:

  • Experience: Each of us is established and experienced, with nearly eighty years of collective experience. We each hold respected professional designations like the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, or the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) designation or the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation.
  • Recognition: We have received local and national recognition for our problem-solving skills and service to our profession. For example, Rich Moran currently serves on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Financial Planning, the principal peer-reviewed publication for certified financial planning practitioners. Rich and Paul have been quoted in national trade publications.
  • Efficient decision making through shared knowledge: Although each of us is responsible for our own clients, we follow a consistent process of assisting our clients and share ideas through collaboration. This results in more efficient decision making for you.
  • Continuity of Service: We have signed agreements with each other providing continuity of help for you in case unforeseen events were to incapacitate any of us.